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In June 5 dancers from The Ace Academy travelled to Killarny Ireland to compete in the All Ireland Championships 2013. 



We had huge success her as all five girls placed top five in their age groups. 


Amelia Knight U9 - 4th 

Shanelle Keogh U12- 3rd

Daniela Petria U13 - 1st

Becky Rham U16 - 2nd

Ami Tharby U19 - 5th


Daniela Petria 


In 2012 Daniela won her first All Ireland title and this year she returned to try and defend that title. 


After a shaky start Daniela received the overall points resulting in retaining her title. All of The Ace Academy team were over the moon for her and best friend and team member Shanelle Keogh sat beside her holding her hand whilst the results where announced. 


Congratulations Daniela . 


Daniela Petria retains her title for the second time as All Ireland Champion. 


Natasha Nicholls Regains title of British Open Champion 

The ace academy attended The British Open Championship this was a qualifying event for the world championships in 2014.  


Everyone from The Academy had brilliant results and we are very proud of all who competed. Bringing home countless top five places and a lot of faith for Worlds 2014. 


Natasha Nicholls U12 had previously won this Championships back in 2010 and 2011. We are pleased to announce Natasha has regained the title of British Open Champion for 2013.


Congratulations Natasha. 



Here big sister Chloe Nicholls with U12 Champion Natasha 

Becky Rham 4 time World Champion !

Huge congratulations to our 4 time World Champion Becky Rham, three time back to back champion. We are all very proud of what you have achieved. Becky won her first World title back in 2010 , then since won 2012 ,2013 and 2014 . We know how much this measn to all the girls and we would like to say a massive well done to the whole of the ace academy team. You made us very proud. 

Shanelle and Daniela European Champions Defend  their title !

Big congratulations to our two retaining European champions Shanelle Keogh, Daniela Petria. All winning their first European title last year 2013 and all defending it in 2014. We are very proud of you both, you worked very hard and it certainly paid off. 

Shanelle Keogh and Amelia Knight crowned World Champions 2015

Amelia Knight aged 11 competed in her very first World Championships and despite dancing against girls from the older year group managed to take the title for the very first time. Shanelle Keogh 14 was also crowned World Champion for the very first time after 3 years consistently placing in the top 5. Both girls train in The Ace Academy 3 times a week making a total of 11 hours a week and the hard work has paid off. 

Abigail and Andromeda " we are over the moon for these two, they’ve worked so hard and performed beautifully on the day"  

2016 World Champion Success 

2016 marked huge success for The Ace Academy. Being crowned World champions in both the figure team and the show dance ( Willy Wonka ).  Also Molly Case Won her very first European solo title with team mate Shanelle Keogh also winning both the European and World Championships along side team mates placing highly too.Through all age groups we saw our dancers perform their very best on the day and we are extremely proud of you all, and look forward to making and sharing many more happy memories together. 

The All Irelands was a great trip for all especially for Amelia Knight coming back from injury at the worlds Amelia came back strong and won her age group becoming 2016 All Ireland Champion. Everyone made us very proud over the weekend with lots of recalls , podium places and team spirit.  

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All Irelands 2016

British Open Championships 

The British open championships proved difficult for some of our dances recovering from injury but others thrived. Being the qualifying event for the 2017 world championships team spirit was in full swing.

Molly Cass 

Amelia Knight 

Amber Fowler

Were crowned British Open Champions of their age groups. Amber Fowler defended her title with Amelia regaining her's and Molly winning her first. We hope the weekend showed you all just how great your team is supporting you through highs and lows and that it all gives you the encouragement to look forward to 2017. 

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