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World Championships 2017

Ace Academy Race Night

The Ace Academy 1st Full show !

All Ireland Championships

The Ace Academy will be hosting a fun filled Race night for all to attend on Feb 18th. We are hosting the found raiser at Roffey Cricket Club and look forward to seeing you all. 

Last year we had lots of success and more importantly lots of fun and the WIDA All Ireland Championships held in Limerick Ireland . This year we will return to Limerick in July 1st & 2nd 2017

This year The Ace Academy are looking to put on a full show, showcasing all our wonderful dancers, giving them the opportunity to perform for family friends and sponsors. Updates to follow.

Following the amazing success we had in the 2016 World Championships in Brighton. This year we will travel to Killarney Ireland to compete. April 20th-23rd April we are looking forward the biggest event on our dance calendar.  

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