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Cinderella 2004.


Click the link above to watch the schools version of Cinderella , told through the art of Irish dance. Performed back in 2004 this was Andromeda's first of many great creations, taking fairy tales and bringing them to life.



Wild West of Ireland 2007

Click the link above to watch the school's real life barn dance. 

A classic version of the Wild West of Ireland fun, lively and enjoyable for everyone involved. 


Alice in Wonderland 2008.


Click the link above to watch a video of the schools take on Alice in Wonder land. 


Told through Irish dance they create the tale of the classic Alice in Wonderland. Another enjoyable creation for the school, with bright elaborate costumes and beautiful dancing. 

Pirates 2009.

Click the link above to view the schools story of Pirates. 

This creation was taken to Dublin Ireland to compete in the All Ireland Championships in 2009 and went on to win taking the title home. 


Shrek 2010.

Click the links above to watch the new tale of shrek. 

Loved by all the kids an exciting, cute, energetic performance by the school showcasing their talents. 

Frozen Ireland 2015 - video to come soon
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